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    Homes for sale in Bronxville, NY

    Homes for sale in Bronxville

    The Bronx is one of the five spectacular boroughs of New York — a melting pot of rich culture and history. Many aspire to live here not only because of its well-established schools and easy commute. Its vibrant atmosphere is also a factor. After all, it is the birthplace of hip hop music. And, we should not forget about the Yankees.

    Welcome to the Village of Bronxville, NY

    Bronxville is a suburban village in Westchester County town of Eastchester that provides a perfect combination of urban and suburban life. It is situated between the Yonkers area and the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan.

    Many people tagged Bronxville, New York, as the most expensive suburb in America. We can safely say that media companies like Bloomberg can back up this claim since the village recently ranked 8th in America’s 100 Richest Places.

    Although dubbed as exorbitant, many homebuyers still opt to purchase a residence in the Bronx than in other New York boroughs. It only proves that more people prefer to live in single-family homes than in apartment buildings. Did you know that you can secure a two-bedroom property at a more affordable price in Bronxville than you would be able to in Manhattan?

    Another reason why many home shoppers eye housing units in the Bronx is their accessibility. Around 150 shops, restaurants, a cinema house, and a market surround the village. Hence, you will not run out of go-to places when you choose to live in Bronxville. It also has direct and easy access to the train station, making the commute more convenient.


    This one square mile village is home to almost 6,543 people distributed in over 2,000 households. Out of all the homes in Bronxville, 40% live with children while 65% are merely married couples living together. Into the bargain, 6% of these people have female heads of the house while 28% are neither related nor married.

    Several online reports also say that about 24% of the residents live alone with 11% of them being 65 or older. You should also know that 3.39 members describe the average family size in this neighborhood. In terms of property, 60% lives in single-family homes and townhouses while the rest resides in co-op, apartments, or condominiums. As of the most recent census, the racial composition of Bronxville residents was 87.55% White, 7.13% Asian, 1.14% Black or African American, 0.06% Native American, 2.09% other race, and 2.03% two or more races.


    A real estate and pharmaceutical magnate named William Van Duzer Lawrence is responsible for the development of the Bronx as an affluent suburb. The neighborhood was known as the Underhill’s Crossing before it was established as a village. Bronxville radically changed in the 1840s when the railroads were invented. These enabled residents from Westchester County to work in New York City.

    More than a decade after, the village had its own post office and the first building of the reformed church. However, Bronxville was not integrated as a village in Eastchester until 1898. From this point forward, the development progressed and infrastructures were built. In 1905, the Hotel Gramatan was established, followed by Lawrence Hospital in 1909 and Concordia College in 1910.

    When the railroad underpass was completed in 1916, Bronxville turned into an authentic suburban community. Accordingly, the Bronx River Parkway that was accomplished in 1925 made the village more accessible. Hence, we can say that Bronxville was truly constructed in the late 1920s.

    Bronxville, NY Real Estate

    There are 46 listings at present in the Bronxville area, which is a significantly lower quantity when compared to market data from a few months ago. When the number of available homes or listing shrunk, the asking prices became flat because of increased demand. The median sale price for single-family homes plummeted to $1.8 million from its baseline of $2.2 million a year ago.

    On the other hand, the average price point for co-op units increased to $600,000 from $598,750. The property type that received the highest median price drop was a condominium. It went from $1.4 million to $695,000 within 12 months. The average monthly rental was also down from $3,613 last year to $2,773.

    When you visit the neighborhood, you will see that most of the properties in the area are single-family homes and townhouses. As mentioned above, they constitute 60% of the village. The remaining 40% percent is a combination of co-op, condominium, and apartments.

    Notable Architectural Styles in Bronxville

    Many architects have embedded their roots and passion in the Bronxville district. Needless to say, it is one of the reasons why the village gushes out diverse culture and history. If you go to the neighborhood, you can still see 35 homes and properties that William Augustus Bates built. He was the first renowned architect in the Bronx and was responsible for constructing Lawrence Park.

    His architectural style is reflected in the historic home situated on Park Avenue. Lawrence brought him to the Bronx because of his naturalistic and exemplary approach to development. Observe how the structures he built are planted on rocky terrain. The Century Association says that Bates decided to design them that way so the homes are heavily adjusted to the surroundings. It only shows that he was going for grace and harmony between homes and communities.

    To be more specific, his style was eclectic. Nevertheless, its foundation is his enthusiasm and inclination to Shingle Style design. It is quite apparent in the Lawrence Park homes that he created. Needless to say, Bates also explored other architectural forms such as English Manor, Georgian, Spanish Mission, Colonial, and Arts and Crafts houses occasionally.

    If you ever had the opportunity to explore the inside of the homes he built, you would also notice how he constructed most of the living spaces. He made sure that they were facing South. East-west arrangements also accompanied them so the owners can adjust the setup during the day.

    Another feature that you would not miss is the windows. Bates often fashioned them in groups with different sizes and styles. But if there is one motif that recurs most of the time in all his creations, it would be the octagonal or rounded form that is commonly used in bays or towers. Of course, Bates is not the only architect that contributed to the magnificent aura of the suburban communities.

    Charles Lewis Bowman, who was a distinguished local architect, also left marks of his artistic taste in the Bronxville District. He joined the Bronx during its greatest real estate growth. Lewis was able to make the streets more exquisitely beautiful and lovelier. If you visit some of the property that he erected, you would see how it shows his English architectural roots with a tint of Jacobian design.

    He built Cotswold Cottages on a stone construction with an austere aspect. Although Bowman has a distinct architectural style, he also entertained owners’ requests. That would explain why some of the houses that he constructed deviate from his usual design. If you read some of the history reports, you would know that he fashioned a French-style home but with an unusual amount of white paint on textured bricks. It may not have been his style but he did it to grant the wishes of the proposed owner.

    He also designed houses with a Mediterranean style with a diverse interior design. For several years in the Bronx, he was able to build about 50 homes. Unfortunately, only one of all his magnificent homes remains today. Many other architects made Bronxville a melting pot of rich culture. Other architectural styles that are still apparent in the village are Italianate, Usonian, and Tudor.

    Living in Bronxville, NY

    We cannot deny the fact that many people aspire to live in the Bronx. Some want to experience the vibrant atmosphere downtown and explore the cuisines in the area, while others want to live in single-family homes. Another reason why the demand is high is because of security. According to the most recent crime data, Bronxville was free from heinous crimes like rape, murder, robbery, assault, etc.

    Nonetheless, you must consider relevant factors first before you look at the house listings. These include the general cost of living, employment or job opportunities, weather, quality of and accessibility to restaurants, schools, and transportation.

    General Cost of Living

    If your dream is to live in one of the boroughs of New York City but lack opulence, you should not lose hope. Although living in the Bronx is not truly cheap, it is a lot more affordable than moving to Brooklyn, Staten Islands, Queens, and of course, Manhattan. If you look up the price comparisons, you would see that the restaurant and rental costs are significantly cheaper in the Bronx than in any other parts of New York City.

    When we compared the living costs in Bronxville to Manhattan, the Bronx is relatively cheaper in all categories. These include groceries, rent, restaurant prices, and consumer prices. In terms of the properties, Manhattan is still more expensive. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx for only $1400 (though the price may change due to the pandemic). On the other hand, a one-bedroom apartment costs $3000 above in Manhattan.

    Overall, the Bronxville district has more affordable housing options for low-income residents of New York than any other borough. This is through the New York City Housing Authority and other programs in the area.

    Employment or Job Opportunities

    Many people tagged New York City as a land of opportunity. You can apply to almost any job that you want. Many slots are open for those people who are looking to grow in the professional world. Finding an opportunity is not that difficult if you do not have a specific interest in mind since many companies offer all sorts of jobs.

    But if there is a particular opportunity that you want to grab, you would have to level up your game. Since the city is notoriously competitive globally, many people move here to pursue their dreams. In terms of the boroughs, the Bronx has enough opportunities that you may explore. The most common job in the neighborhood revolves around sales. If that is your expertise, Bronxville is your perfect choice.

    Weather in the Bronx

    Admit it or not, weather plays a crucial role in how our mood develops throughout the day. Hence, it is a factor that we should not take so lightly. As you might already know, New York’s weather is continental. In other words, we experience cold winters and hot summers. Reports say that the temperature in the Bronx typically varies from 27°F to 85°F over the years. It seldom goes above 93°F or below 13°F.

    This range shows that Bronxville has great weather. You can enjoy your summer without experiencing tremendous heat. You can also finish the winter season without needing hot soup every day. You can work your way well around this type of weather.

    Schools, Restaurants, and Transportation

    The magnificent setting should not be the sole reason for moving. It is relevant that you also evaluate the quality of and accessibility of the area to schools, restaurants, and transportation. When you do this, you can better maximize the potential of living in the Bronx.

    Since Bronxville is one of the most diverse areas in the city, it boasts of many great cuisines and delicacies. One of the destinations that you should visit in the district is Arthur Avenue in Belmont. Others know it better as the Little Italy of The Bronx. When you venture into this area, you will see Italian cafes, cheese shops, pastry shops, butcher shops, and more.

    If you are fond of seafood, there are also several restaurants that you can easily go to. It includes Eastchester Fish Gourmet, which has been rated excellent by the NY Times before. The restaurant is located in Scarsdale, NY. It is often full because of its wide selection of food on its menu. You can order from raw bark to its landmark dishes such as grilled branzino, Parmesan-crusted cod, and gold snapper.

    In terms of the schools, the Bronx remains highly competitive. The neighborhood also has easy access to different colleges. These include Concordia College (which is within the village) and Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers (which is just a few minutes away from the suburban community.

    Of course, Bronxville is also known for its hassle-free commute since they have different transportation options. If you do not have a car, it is only practical that you utilize mass transit when you live in the village. You can expect six lines of the NYC Subway to run through Bronxville with about 70 stations. You may also use the metro-north railroad commuter lines that go through it.

    In case you have an automobile, you may use the constructed thoroughfares than run between The Bronx and Manhattan. These include Park Avenue, Broadway, and Third Avenue. Another reason why the village offers an easy commute is the bridges. If you want to go to Brooklyn, Queens, or Eastern Long Island, you may pass through the Throgs Neck Bridge or the Bronx Whitestone Bridge.

    Parks and Attractions in Bronxville

    Perhaps, one of the factors why many are inclined to visit or reside in the Bronx is its attractions. You can see a lot of tourist spots in the area, including America’s largest zoo, Yankee Stadium, and more. Here are some of the landmarks that you would have easy access to once you decide to move to Bronxville.

    Bronx Zoo: It is located at 2300 Southern Blvd, near the E. 180th St. subway station. Wildlife Conservation Society runs the place and takes care of around 650 species. You should bring your family and friends here to grab the rare opportunity to see the Western lowland gorilla, okapi, and mandril closely.

    New York Botanical Garden: If you have enthusiasm for the greens, you should not miss the chance to visit this 250-acre botanical garden. It is situated near Fordham University and just across the road from Bronx Zoo. The place also features an old-growth forest at the Thain Family Forest. Have a walkthrough to see magnificent blooms and be transported to a tropical paradise. The beauty of this garden has captured the interests of many brides and grooms.

    Yankee Stadium: Apart from its title as the birthplace of hip hop music, the Bronx is also known as the home of the Yankees. Regardless if you are a fan or not, visiting the Yankee Stadium can serve you an incredible and memorable experience. The newly-built stadium debuted in 2009 and surprised everyone with its improved baseball watching features.

    Pelham Bay Park: Central Park is indeed one of the go-to places of tourists in New York, but the other boroughs also have attractions to offer. The Bronx boasts of Pelham Bay Park, a beautiful area with marshes, oak forests, and miles of shoreline stretched across 2,272 acres. It is the largest park in New York. You should head out and check out the area if you want to take beautiful photos, or simply relax.

    Orchard Beach: The only public beach in Bronxville is tagged as the Riviera of New York. It is a 115-acre crescent-like sandy shore that overlooks the City Island. When you go to this area, you can enjoy the Orchard Beach Snack bar, playgrounds, basketball and volleyball courts, and picnic areas. If you are just around the corner, visit this place for a full Bronxville experience.

    Bronx Museum of Arts: The quickest way to know the borough is to visit its museum. The place contains different contemporary arts that showcase the diverse culture and composition of the Bronx. Most of the art displayed inside revolves around the political and social themes surrounding the village.

    Edgar Allan Poe Cottage: If you are inclined towards literature, you should grab this opportunity to see the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage standing in the Bronxville district. It is located at 2640 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, New York. You should know that the cottage-inspired his literary piece called Annabel Lee.

    Final Thoughts

    The village of Bronxville is a great place to build your homes. It does not only take pride in its fancy and flashy streets but also almost every other aspect. These include the cost of living, architecture, job opportunities, accessibility to different establishments, spectacular landmarks, and safety. It is also indeed a melting pot of rich culture and history.

    There is so much diversity in the place, which makes it a lot more interesting. Checking the current house listing is a must. Whether you want a home that has French, Italian, English, and other architectural roots, you have sufficient options. You can get your dream house for a relatively cheaper price than you would be offered in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Islands.

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