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    high-rise condo in Westchester, NY
    stairs beside a full glass window
    simple yet elegant living room
    minimalist bathroom
    wide-space minimalist kitchen
    full glass windows of a building in Westchester, NY
    sunset view in Westchester, NY
    classic houses in Westchester. NY

    One Of A Kind Broker & Friend

    Our agents are well known for their all-out approach to the job. Whether dealing with a buyer or a seller, each member of our team is masterful at creating effective online marketing campaigns.


    One Of A Kind Broker & friend / OOAKB&F, Inc is a private company providing clients with the ultimate goal of selling or buying real estate.

    From owner to owner, buyer to buyer or renter to renter we understand the importance of representing the value of going above and beyond for each individual client.

    OOAKB&F, Inc operates out of Riverdale, NY and has successfully serviced hundreds of satisfied clients in Fieldston, Westchester County, The Bronx, and the Tri-State Area.

    Our approach to business has allowed us to make long lasting relationships with management companies, building managers and owners throughout the years. Our advantage to being a boutique real estate company is the exclusivity to working closely with our clients, attention to detail, vast knowledge, above average representation and guaranteeing personalized attention is provided.

    Working with OOAKB&F, Inc will earn you a Company, a broker and friend you can trust for a lifetime.

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